Who we are

"... I believe in the force of accessories cause they are capable to make the difference,  they can make your outfit original or complete your traditional style with a sought detail.

My purpose is to make the difference  in accessories, giving life to a complete range of products. These items, dedicated to modern men and women, are precious and revisit the tradition with a new contemporary vision..."

With this purpose, Luca Carillo, young businessman, found the brand VIP FLAP in 2010; but his passion for the fashion was not born for a chance. Luca Carillo grew up his experience after finishing his study in 1994, when he started to work in his family company. Embroideries, textiles and skins filled up Luca's days, but his purposes were high and in spite of his youngness he decided to found his own company in 2001.

Thanks to his ambitions, passion and the desire to create new products, Luca Carillo has become a designer too, giving a life to a new line of modern and versatile accessories, developing a unique, up-to-date and multicolor brand: VIP FLAP

The brand VIP FLAP is the combination of two words:  VIP  and FLAP. VIP represents the values of exclusivity, glamour and posh style of its target, instead the word FLAP stands for the sound that is produced when you close it!